Battlefield 5 player count – How many people are playing in 2021?

In video games, it is one of the most powerful first-individual shooter games. Twenty years ago, Battlefield started as a war restoration project in 2002.

Nowadays, there are many latest installments of the Battlefield series. Let’s talk about that how many people are playing Battlefield 5 in 2021.

According to the latest game statistical 90% of the male are playing first-individual shooter games.

Battlefield 5 was launched in 2018. By the passage of time, the Battlefield 5 player count has changed.

Battlefield 5 was released on November 9, 2018. 

The fans of the game are very faithful to the franchise. Battlefield 5 is the 6th installment of the battlefield series.

Battlefield 5 player count 2021

Battlefield 5 is a favorable game for shooter game fans. It is one of the admired first-character shooter games in 2021.

February 2021

In February 2021 during the steam, there were 18721 battlefields 5 players. Battlefield can’t be as popular as Apex Legends player Count game. 

On steam Battlefield 5 PC ranked between 100 most famous games. Per month of 2021 standard number of steams, players are 18700.

In the 2021 live-streaming platform people are consuming thousands of hours watching Battlefield 5 gameplay. On Twitch people watched 327k hours of Battlefield 5 gameplay.

Battlefield is not hugely famous on steam even so it has a faithful fan base that still keeps the numbers up.

As per sources in the steam chart all of a sudden, the interest in the game doubled. Now the people are enjoying this game.

March 2021 

In the top 100 most famous games Battlefield 5 is relying but it doesn’t reach the top 10. In this month of 2021, on steam, the ranking number of Battlefield 5 is 78. 

Its ranking number on Twitch is 262 but it is not categorizing on Twitch’s top 100 in 2021.

On Twitch’s platform, there are 43 Battlefield 5 live channels but the number of viewers has gone below a thousand. 

Percentage of Battlefield’s players in the World

Percentage of video gamers 

  • From US 17.11
  • From Russia 7.86
  • From Germany 4.92
  • From UK 4.82
  • From brazil 7.05

So that the highest ratio of Battlefield 5 comes from the US

Stats and Facts :

In Battlefield 5 percentage of male players are more than 26%. Mostly age of males lies between 30-40 years on the battlefield 5.

Almost 16% of males are above the age of 40. The percentage of female battlefield 5 players is very less. It is less than 1%.

So, basically, the percentage of males is higher than females. Battlefield 5 player population is increasing day by day.

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Battlefield 5 on PS4 

Now let’s talk about battlefield 5 on PS4.

So, in 2020, there are approximately 7.4 million players on battlefield 5 on PlayStation 4. Now battlefield 5 is ready for use on windows. 

So that’s why battlefield 5 installments are available on Personal Computers.

Battlefield 5 is available on:

  • Windows. 
  • Play station 4.
  • Xbox one

In 2020, Battlefield 5 was nominated for a Steam Award

Many video games are nominated in 2020. Battlefield 5 was one of them. It was nominated for the “Outstanding Visual Style” category. 

The other candidates were also nominated for this award such as Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Black Mesa, Marvel’s Avengers, and many others. But unfortunately, battlefield 5 didn’t win the team award.


Battlefield series

Let’s talk shortly about the history of the battlefield. Twenty years back battlefield installments were launched. 

In the video game industry, the development of the game is determined by it.

Now let’s have a look at the battlefield series.

  • Battlefield 1942 (2002)
  • Battlefield Vietnam (2004)
  • Battlefield 2 (2005)
  • Battlefield 2142 (2006)
  • Battlefield Bad Company (2008)
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 (2010)
  • Battlefield 3 (2011)
  • Battlefield 4 (2013)
  • Battlefield Hardline (2013)
  • Battlefield 1 (2016)
  • Battlefield 5 (2018)
  • Battlefield 6 (2021)

These were the most important battlefield installments.

Battlefield V Firestorm battle royale 

Many games are trending nowadays. In video games battle royale games are one of them which trends in 2021. 

Battlefield is a shooting game that has different installments and chapters. The chapters have different mods, weapons, and maps. 

Battlefield 5 firestorm is the only one that supports a royale battle mode. Fans of battle royale games are crazy.

The developers of the game invest in battle royale mode and battlefield and the department is happy. 

Battlefield 5 firestorm has a multiplayer mode. It was released on March 25, 2019. 

It was just in stock for battlefield 5 owners. There is a map available on battle royale on battlefield 5 is called Harvey. 

The map features have many weapons and terrains. The battle royale is a favorite among the fans.

Battlefield vs Call of Duty

Let’s compare battlefield and call of duty.

Firstly, both games are first-person shooting games. Both games are based on several players. 

Let’s talk about the difference between both games.

Call of duty: A modern warfare appears on August 23, 2019.

This game has more fan following than battlefield.

Already 23 million people have played this game on PS4. And on the battlefield, 5  7.4 million people played this game.

So, the fan base of modern warfare is higher than battlefield 5.

Battlefield 6

Now in 2021 battlefield 6 is the most expected video game. There is not a release date for it but maybe it can be launched soon or maybe launched in October or November. 

We don’t know what’s new is coming on battlefield 6. According to Swedish developers maybe there are bigger maps and more players. 

We can see the next season of the battlefield that will be on PlayStation 5 and Xbox series x or windows.