Overwatch player count

Overwatch active player

While it is true that Blizzard-Activision does not reveal accurate active player statistics for games after a few years, we do know a lot about the Overwatch player count that is still active in the game.

Naturally, they aren’t as high as they once were, but the game is far from dead – even though a lot of people like to joyfully say it is.


When Overwatch was introduced in 2016, it quickly became extremely popular — in its first week, Overwatch gamers recorded more than 119 million hours of playing.

Blizzard stated that the Overwatch player count has surpassed 10 million at the conclusion of its first month.

Hundreds of millions of dollars flowed into Blizzard’s wallets in the first few months alone in sales, and that doesn’t include the company’s ongoing loot box income.

Overwatch’s open beta garnered almost 10 million players even before the game’s release, and the game’s player base has organically grown over time.

It should be noted that these figures do not indicate the number of active Overwatch players, but rather the number of accounts for the game.

Over 60 million Overwatch accounts have been generated by January 2021.

An Overwatch player count graph shows that the rise in accounts began to visibly flatten about January 2018, however it did not cease going up.

Numbers of active players

As previously stated, Blizzard does not reveal active player counts for many of its games, but there is still information that can be extrapolated from things like financial reports and the like.

In the case of the most recent 2020 earnings conference report, we may reasonably estimate that the Overwatch player count in 2021 was around 10 million.

Around that many Overwatch gamers played the game at least monthly.

This is a significant reduction from the debut year, when 35 million people actively participated. Twitch viewership has dropped much more dramatically.

While Overwatch esports tournaments continue to draw a large number of spectators, the total number of watchers has dropped dramatically.

In particular, by the middle of 2019, viewership had plummeted from a high of 47k to a frightening 14k. The numbers have not recovered since then.

While viewership levels in excess of 30k were not unusual in the past, the last time they achieved this was prior to September 2019.

Lack of content is certainly a factor, but so are some of the game’s modifications – and, yes, dwindling player numbers.

Is Overwatch is losing its player count

Is Overwatch going to die in 2021, or is everyone just waiting for the sequel? Back in 2016, the game sparked a revival in FPS games.

Prior to the debut of the Blizzard shooter, the only two long-running FPS videogames were Team Fortress 2 and CS:GO.

With the debut of Blizzard’s shooter and Rainbow Six: Siege, we witnessed the birth of a slew of professional shooters, but is Overwatch doomed in 2021?

Battle royale games and Valorant seems to have taken its place, and there appears to be less buzz surrounding the game than there was previously.

Let’s take a deeper look at the player numbers and if Overwatch will be dead by 2021.

The lack of content is one of the leading causes of Overwatch’s demise in 2021. The original title has been ignored after the introduction of Overwatch 2.

Blizzard Entertainment has put a halt to the creation of new characters and maps. During its early years, gamers were given three new characters and maps each year, which kept the game feeling fresh.

The game’s forthcoming sequel has been postponed, which means that gamers will have to wait even longer to gain access to new characters, maps, and game types.

While it is uncertain whether Overwatch 2 will salvage the franchise, fans are likely to return to the game to give it another go because the sequel’s PVP will be free for all existing Overwatch owners.