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How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2 – Updated 2021

We are living in a digital world where we have many things that can be controlled through the internet and gaming is one of them.

Today, we have various games that can be played using the internet and you can also play them with your friends.

These games are known as multiplayer games. These multiplayer games have different levels or stages that are a real twist in these games.

Not only stages, but we also have many characters that can be used in the game which will represent you and your level of gaming.

But the most important thing is we do not have access to ror2 characters, we need to unlock them by various means.

We can unlock some characters by completing stages or some by achieving the rewards from the game.

So, here in this game, we have a variety of characters but at first, we don’t have access to all of these, we have to unlock them.

There is no such difficulty in unlocking them so, we are going to share how to unlock characters at risk of rain 2 – updated 2021.

What is the Risk of Rain 2?

Risk of Rain 2 is a shooter game in which we have a character who will represent us and take the steps to survive on the other planets.

He needs to kill monsters and loot the chest for the latest equipment and many more things. As we mentioned above that there are many characters in this game.

This game is a sequel of Risk of Rain presented in 2013 which had the same mechanism or we can say that same perspective of the play.

So, some people find no difficulty in playing the latest version of this game due to the same mechanism of this game.

We are going to discuss the risk of rain 2 unlock all characters of this game thoroughly so, you must have an eye on them.


It is quite obvious that you must have a risk of rain 2 new character as soon as you start your game so, commando is considered as the starting player.

To unlock this character, you don’t need to pass any stage or you don’t need any achievement, all you need to start playing this game.

Commando is easy to use with a lot of abilities that will surely help you in combat. As it is a starting player doesn’t mean it has no abilities, it is somehow considered as the best.

Professionals consider it good in hitting multiple enemies or a group of enemies at a time that is something amazing.


MUL-T can be unlocked by beating up level 1 five times and this is not that difficult to beat level 1.

If you want to fire your enemy from a distance then this character is the best and it can easily destroy your enemy.

The second amazing thing about this character is it can be a good survivor when we have a cluster of enemies, this character will easily handle the group of enemies.

The other most important thing is this character got enough speed to avoid their very impressive enemies.


If you complete the first three levels without dying you can unlock the huntress. It has some unique features.

This character is considered as the character with high mobility which means this character has low health.

When a character has low health, you need your skills to survive and for this character, your skills are highly needed.

The most amazing thing about this character is, it has great area damage and it can shoot its enemies while sprinting.


Here comes the powerful character in risk of rain 2 all characters for which you need to complete the first 30 levels. Engineer is considered as the efficient character.

It has many best abilities that will surely make your team survived throughout your stage and letting your team clear the stage.

Some of the best abilities include grenade bouncer, pressure mines, and bubble sheets. You need your skills too.

Powerful characters don’t mean you don’t need your skills to play. You need to make a combination of power and skills to survive.


Rex can be unlocked by completing the powerplant challenge. Unlocking this character worth it due to some of the best abilities.

This character is hard to defeat due to its crowd control ability and it can easily handle a bundle of enemies at once.

Rex can bear severe attacks that will make the character more powerful and it will make the character able to clear the stage.

This character can give natural toxins, injections, and dispersion that will make the level easier to clear for the teammates.


As it is cleared from the name that this character is strong and powerful. You need to unlock the loader by completing Guardian offline challenge.

Unlocking this character is not that much easy because we need a map that is not available all the time so, it is hard to unlock sometimes.

But if we talk about this character, it is one of the most powerful characters in this game and it will easily survive in a group of enemies.


To unlock this character, all we need is to complete nine challenges in the Void fields that are not that much easy.

We need to transfer the portal in the Void fields and complete all the challenging cells to unlock this character.

It can poison its enemies and we can say that this will not kill your enemy but make it weak for sure.

Bottom line

There are many interesting games we have today and Risk of Rain 2 is one of them. It is interesting to unlock the characters.

We have many challenges that must be completed to play further and it is something very interesting.

So, we have shared how to unlock the characters of Risk of Rain 2 very thoroughly and it will surely help you.

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