What is the Average weather in Orlando California?

Orlando is quite hot and humid all year long, with lengthy summers, oppressively hot weather, persistent rainy weather, and extremely variable weather. A temperature of 52°F to 91°F and one that rarely falls below 39°F or rises over 94°F is the norm.

Usually, you will find Nice weather in Orlando Florida.

Tourism has ranked the greatest times of year to visit Orlando for warm-weather activities. Based on that information, the ideal time period for vacationers is March through May and October through December.


The period from May 15 to September 28 is four and a half months of hot weather, with an average daily high temperature of at least 87°F. On July 22, the temperature reaches 91°F with a high of 76°F.

From December 4 to February 25, the cold season lasts for 2.7 months, with an average daily maximum temperature that never gets beyond 74°F. On January 15, the temperature drops to a low of 52°F and to a high of 70°F.

A red line denotes the daily average high temperature, while a blue line depicts the daily average low temperature. Thin dotted lines represent the perceived average temperature on each row.

A visual representation of the whole year’s hourly average temperatures is displayed below. The horizontal axis represents the day of the year, while the vertical axis represents the hour of the day.


Bands color-coded to indicate the temperature are the average hourly temperature. Night and civil twilight are shown by the tinted overlays.

When it comes to global locations with similar temperature, the first that comes to mind is Pāsighāt, India (8,529 miles distant) and Nantou, Taiwan (8 with 8,536 miles) (view comparison).

Over the course of the year, the percentage of the sky covered by clouds in Orlando varies considerably.

The start of fall in Orlando is marked by the date of October 1 and lasts for approximately eight months, finishing on June 6. The sky is often clear 65% of the time, while it is overcast or cloudy 35% of the time on May 1st, which is the first day of spring.

From June 6 to October 1, the cloudier half of the year begins and lasts for 3.9 months. On July 7, it is 68% covered in clouds and 32% clear, mainly clear, or partly cloudy.

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